Fee Schedule

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Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction
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Fee Schedule (Effective January 1, 2019)


A minimum, non-refundable, retainer of $2,000.00 is normally required prior to any work being initiated, and is due immediately upon signing an agreement for services with Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction. The retainer will be credited against the final bill.

Collision Reconstruction / Investigation Fees$250.00 per hour*

All consultations, meetings, investigations, site assessments, report preparation, photography, videography, inspections, research, analysis, calculations, diagramming or other similar work will be billed at $250.00 per hour.

Expert Witness Fees$300.00 per hour*

All testimony and stand-by time for court, deposition, arbitration or similar hearings will be billed at $300.00 per hour with a four (4) hour minimum. The time includes waiting, meetings, breaks, and recesses.

  • A cancellation fee of 50% of the minimum fee may be charged if cancellation or postponement occurs less than three (3) business days of the scheduled appearance date.
  • In the event the party noticing the deposition fails to pay any portion of the required four-hour minimum or any portion of the deposition time spent in excess of the required minimum, the party by whom Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction is retained will be responsible for payment of the outstanding balance.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • A fee of $250.00 per vehicle for all Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) in addition to the hourly fee stated above.
  • Additional fees may apply for specialized equipment, resources, contracted service providers, or assistant personnel. The need for any such equipment, resources, services, or personnel, and the associated fee(s) will be discussed with the client prior to the expenditure of funds.
  • Travel time is billed at $100.00 per hour. Associated travel expenditure (airfare, lodging, meals, rental car and fuel, tolls, parking, etc.) are billed at actual cost. Travel by personal auto, in addition to the travel time billed, will be billed at the IRS standard rate, which is 58 cents per mile as of January 1, 2019.
  • Miscellaneous fees, including, but not limited to, faxes, outside printing, photographic printing, preparation of exhibits, outside testing or analysis, etc. are billed at actual cost.
*All hourly rates are rounded to the nearest quarter hour

Payment Terms

  • Invoices will be submitted on a regular basis, generally monthly. Payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice.
  • Invoices that remain unpaid longer than thirty (30) days past the date of the invoice shall be charged interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (annual rate of 18%) Prepayment is required for court and deposition testimony.
  • Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction reserves the right to discontinue further work, or cancel any scheduled appearances, if invoiced balances are not paid within 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Upon presentation of reports, any balances due must be paid.
  • Payment for any service(s) provided by Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction is not dependant upon the findings rendered, nor upon the results of any legal action, mediation, arbitration, settlement, contractual or legal obligation of the client of others.
  • Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction reserves the right to change fees/rates and billing policies at any time and without notice. However, once a case has been accepted, the billing and policies established and agreed upon will remain consistent for the duration of the accepted contract, unless both parties agree to any such change(s) in writing.
  • Checks can be made payable to Koetting & Associates Accident Reconstruction, Taxpayer ID number is 45-1751422